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EiN Laminated Vinyl Label / PlACARD

Please Note that each Vehicle requires 2 stickers

EINLabels are red or green depending on fleet type (Most are Red). Our EINs are state compliant with the requirements of the Off-Road and LSI Fleet Regulations and long lasting, made from high quality performance grade vinyl with lamination.

Fleet owners have a choice of how they want to label their vehicles. For example, fleets may label their vehicles with vinyl stickers or aluminum placards. The most common method is to use vinyl stickers that meet the label specifications.

The color of the EIN label is dependent on the type of fleet. Most EIN labels must be white on a red background. However, for captive attainment area fleets, the EIN labels must be white on a green background.

Here are the requirements for placement of EIN labels on your vehicles:

The EIN label must be located in clear view on both sides of the outside of the vehicle, approximately 5 feet above ground. If the vehicle is not 5 feet tall, the label may be placed lower on the vehicle. Each character of the EIN needs to be at least 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. Furthermore, the EIN must be maintained in a manner that retains its legibility for the entire life of the vehicle.

All purchases come with one complimentary Idle sticker.

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